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ABS American Bureau of Shipping.
Anchor Shackle Shackle that is used to connect an anchor to the swivel or joining link of the chain. Often people use them as general purpose shackles. Look into anchor bridle, anchor linkage.
Breaking Strength USUALLY Breaking strength = 4 * WLL (for chain). In theory the chain is designed for this number. The WLL is reduced because of the Safety Factor.  You should never bring any device anywhere close to it's breaking strength.  The item will be permanently damaged way before this point.
Common Link This refers to a link of chain. The common link is the link that most of the chain is made with. Also see Enlarged Link and End Link
End Link You can specify to get chain with an End Link. The entire length of chain will be made to the sizing of a common link except for the first and last link which will be End Links. End Links are slightly longer then a common link. Unless you specifically request it, End Links are not commonly provided on a length of chain.
Galvanized Hot-dip galvanizing, by the nature of the process, guarantees a coating that is a mixture of iron and zinc. The coating is generally uniform on all surfaces, providing excellent protection at the corners and edges. The hot-dip galvanizing process creates a metallurgical reaction between the zinc and the steel resulting in a series of zinc-iron alloy layers. The pure zinc layer and the zinc-iron alloy layers are anodic to steel, providing sacrificial protection in the event the coating is scratched or damaged. This cathodic protection plus the barrier of the zinc coating give a double protection system for corrosion prevention.
Lloyds Lloyd's Register of Shipping. They will certify a product to be safe for it's intended use.
ORQ Oil Rig Quality. The best money can buy. This is what you buy if the strength needs to prevent a natural disaster. Also sometimes referred to as Grade 4.
Proof Load

The item can be loaded to this level and does not break.  You should plan never to exceed or even meet this force.  Proof Load = 2 * WLL (for chain). The chain will be tested to this force/weight. IE tested to beyond where you will use it.

Safety Factor If a Safety Factor of two is used in a design it means you only use half of anything's capacity. This accounts for real world manufacturing problems, impurities in the metal etc.
Shot of Stud Link Anchor Chain By definition a shot of SLAC (Stud Link Anchor Chain) is 90 Feet. SLAC is usually purchased by shots. IE: I need 5 shots.
SLAC Short version of Stud Link Anchor Chain.
SWL Safe Working Load in Pounds or Kg. Higher the number, stronger the chain, same as WLL.  This is the number in real life you NEVER exceed.
WLL Working Load Limit in Pounds or Kg. Higher the number, stronger the chain, same as SWL. You should always make sure the capacity you plan to use is lower than this number.
Zinc Plated The mechanically plated coating consists of a flash coating of copper, followed by tumbling the part in a barrel with glass beads and zinc powder. Coating thickness requirements contained in ASTM Specification B695 range from 0.2 to 4.3 mils. The coating has a density of about 0.45 oz/ft2/mil compared to the hot-dip galvanized coating density of about 0.6 oz/ft2/mil. The hot-dip coating has over 30% more zinc per unit volume than the mechanical coating. The corrosion protection is directly related to the amount of zinc in the coating. If you need rust protection you want Galvanized over Zinc Plated.

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